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Teachers LOVE this game because:

  • there is no prep
  • there is very little to explain
  • it is easy-to-play
  • students stay completely engaged and on-task
  • students can play independently while they work in small groups
  • there are 25 decks, and so there is always a deck that will cover what they are teaching


These are FUN card games played just like the popular card game Crazy 8's!


This READY-MADE set (5 decks of cards that LOOK and FEEL like REAL PLAYING CARDS) helps children learn to read words that contain many OTHER VOWEL spelling patterns in the English language.



Great for diverse learners (students with dyslexia, English language learners, ADHD, DLD, etc.).


Each deck includes 52 word cards, 7 Wild Cards, and 4 Miss Your Turn cards. There are 5 different decks available:

  • spellings of /oo/ (oo, u, u_e, ue, ew)
  • spellings of /er/ (er, ir, ur, ear)
  • ou/ow, oi/oy, au/aw
  • ar, oo (short), all, ea (short), ong
  • ing, ang, ink, ank, ture, tion


Give your students a fun way to get LOTS of practice reading words that contain short vowels!

The Original Set of "Crazy Mores" 5 Decks (Ready-Made)

SKU: SR300
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