"Just wanted to pass along that I thoroughly enjoyed your course and it has provided a great base for the course I am taking now. It also piqued my interest! Your introduction gave me a head start and strong basis for the lessons provided in this course. I would highly recommend it." 

Carolyn Robeson

Speech Pathologist


April, 2020

"I just want to say thank-you so much again for this training!! It helped me fill in gaps in my learning, and develop more effective lessons for my students. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the science of reading and your openness to all questions. You create a positive and welcoming learning environment, and I think all educators will benefit from your expertise!" 

Pamela Robinson

Founder, Access Learning

B.A., B.Ed.

March, 2020

"Martha Kovack's OG/Structured Literacy Course for educators was very informative and engaging!  As a new educator I was eager to learn about these approaches, and had many questions. Martha was an excellent instructor. She was able to answer all questions asked, and delivered the course in an interesting format. I truly enjoyed the course, which covered a broad range of tips/advice - not just a focus on slides. We received resources that made the OG/SL approach clear, allowing me to follow along easily. The strategies were easy to integrate into my practice. After finishing the course, I felt prepared enough to begin to use this approach with my students." 

                                                                          Melissa Vanzant, MEd, OCT

Primary/Junior teacher and tutor

May, 2020

"... this course was eye opening with regards to how language works, how our brains decode and the huge benefits of a structured and systematic approach to introducing it. It gave me a new understanding and appreciation for this complex topic as well as practical tools to help Justin learn to read. The demonstration videos really helped to illustrate topics and the activities were varied and easy to reproduce."

Trina Rowe, MSC (OT)

Occupational Therapist

Parent of child with dyslexia

May, 2020

I took Martha's course for professional and personal reasons. As an educator, it was some of the best PD I have done. It put to rest a lot of myths about structured literacy. It was scientific but child centred. It was structured but encouraged exploration and inquiry. There wasn't a workbook in sight but there were lots of practical home-made, hands-on games and activities that made learning effective and fun. As a successful adult Dyslexic, I learned things about how I learn that I had never seen clearly before. Martha is a dynamic and sympathetic presenter who guides with grace and humour. 


Elizabeth Albrecht-Bisset

Vice Principal

William J. McCordic School



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