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Crazy Cards Testimonials
Science of Reading Phonics Card Games

"I am a Special Education Resource teacher who works with children in grades K-5. Two years ago I found the Crazy Shorts, Crazy Longs, and Crazy Mores card games in a catalogue. I LOVE the games! One of my Fifth grade boys has struggled with Reading ever since he began school. After a few months of playing the games a few times a week, his reading drastically improved. When I talked with him about it, he said, “Ms. Wheeler, it’s those crazy games. I have learned more about reading from those card games than anything else.”         ​

​​Joan Wheeler, ESE Resource Teacher​

Pathways Elementary School ​​

Ormond Beach, Florida


"I have been using these cards forever! Kids enjoy the game and don't even realize they're getting phonics learning to stick.”         ​

Dr. Marnie Ginsberg

Reading Simplified


"I learned about your cards years ago at an International Dyslexia Conference...I loan out materials to my students to use for additional practice during the week, so they get used a lot, and are a favorite of my students!  You know…….any chance to beat the teacher is fun :-)"

Geneva Richardson,

Dyslexia interventionist and inservice teacher for reading specialists/general classroom teachers

Earlysville, Virginia


"...Crazy Cards are an invaluable resource."                       ​

​Adjua N. K. McNeil, M.Ed. EL/Civics ​

Coordinator - Philadelphia WIA LD Consultant​

Philadelphia WIA Mayor's Commission On Literacy ​

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania​

"We are working on a study at a University here in North Carolina, and Crazy Longs are just the only game out there that we have found that works to help children learn their long vowels."

(response to why they kept ordering large quantities of Crazy Longs) 

Iris Padgett,

Carrboro, North Carolina



"...I use them ALL the time and the kids LOVE them! It’s one of THE best products out there."     ​

Sheena Pufek, Elementary Teacher​

Oakville, Ontario

"...Crazy Cards really is one of the most fun, economical and educational games we have."        ​     

David Kondo                           ​

Former Reading and Homework Help Program Co-ordinator            ​

Toronto Public Library               ​


"My students love these games!  They are an excellent resource for building decoding skills and fluency.  The best part is the students don’t realize how many words they are reading!" 😊

Patricia Mundahl CALT, CDT

Certified Academic Language Therapist

IDA Certified Dyslexia Therapist

"That’s a GREAT game! It has helped SO many of my students, and they LOVE it! And these are kids who struggle - their eyes just light up!"         ​

Melodie Shantz, Primary Teacher

Ontario, Canada​


"...I am so delighted with how quickly they caught on. They are reading words and I think they are surprising themselves! ​Wow! What a ride! Thanks!"                 ​

Mary Cullinan, Primary Teacher             ​

Toronto, Ontario

"...The kids loved them and they are everything I was expecting.  Thank you for developing a fun way to review the phonemes and graphemes of our language."​​​
Kay Eyler, Elementary Teacher
Mifflintown, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for your amazing games and activities! My students are engaged with the activities, and decoding practice doesn't feel like "work" to them. Between your materials and everything from Marnie at Reading Simplified, I know my kids have everything that they need for reading!"

Cheryl Hastings

Resource Support Specialist

Snohomish, Washington

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