(US & International)


There are 25 decks of Crazy Cards in all:

  • 5 decks of "Crazy Cards For Starters" (cvc, -ck, digraphs, floss, nk/ng) * currently available as e-decks only
  • 5 decks of "Crazy Cards with Blends" ("L" Blends, "R" Blends, "S" Blends, and End Blends #1 & #2) *e-decks only
  • 5 decks of ORIGINAL "Crazy Shorts" (words with short vowel patterns - some multisyllable for differentiated learning)
  • 5 decks of ORIGINAL "Crazy Longs" (words with long vowels)
  • 5 decks of ORIGINAL "Crazy Mores" (words with vowel teams, bossy r's, and other spelling patterns)
The 15 "ORIGINAL" sets come ready-made and look and feel like real playing cards!
Or, all 25 decks can be downloaded separately to print, cut, & play.