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Tall Sticks, Short Sticks, Arounders, and Sliders!


This multisensory Orton-Gillingham approach to learning to print is designed for preschool and kindergarten children. By teaching children explicitly how to make each letter using cue words, they learn how to print letters according to where they start, and what they do:

TALL STICKS start on the top line and go straight line down

SHORT STICKS start on the middle line and go straight line down

AROUNDERS start on the middle line and go around

SLIDERS start on the middle line and slide down


  • Children are also encouraged to speak the letter name, sound, and keyword at the exact same time that they print/trace.

  • This workbook includes all Lowercase Letters, and all Uppercase Letters.

  • Each page highlights a character and a real student doing actions and making correct mouth movements for the sounds of each letter.

  • Other suggestions for multisensory printing in this way are provided, as is a suggested order in which to introduce the letters.

  • This is also a great workbook for sending home with students to practice at home.

  • An easy, "less is more" solution to learning how to print! (68 pages)

Learn to Print (digital) workbook

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