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Introduction to the Science of Reading, Orton-Gillingham, and Structured Literacy Approaches 

Join Martha Kovack, MEd, founder, owner, and CEO of Sound Readers in a LIVE, INTERACTIVE, ONLINE course for administrators, teachers (and tutors/parents) in either:

  • 4 two-hour evening sessions; or

  • 2 four-hour Saturday afternoon sessions.      Reg.  $360.00CAD

                                                                                           NOW: $249.00​US ($320CAD @

                                                                                      Maximum 6 participants

                                                   (with some exception for educators at the same school)

NOTE: After participants complete this course, they are invited to join the Sound Readers Power Hour group, a monthly online support group that meets on Wednesday evenings from 8-9pm.

Upcoming Sessions: ​

  • Mondays - May 2/9/16/30



  • Saturdays - May 14th & 28th

        12:00noon - 4:00pm

If you have a group of at least 6 educators who would like to participate, contact us to arrange dates/times.  (8 hour course)

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CLICK HERE to go to Martha's website/blog for more information about structured literacy/Orton-Gillingham approaches to learning to read.

Course Outline:

Session ONE:

Overview of the process of learning to read

Overview of differences in brain structure and function

Overview of structured literacy and OG approaches

Orthographic mapping - what works? what doesn't?

Sounds of speech in the English language

Visual & Auditory drills

Letter formation

Session TWO:

Review of visual/auditory drills & letter formation

Phonemic Awareness

Short vowel confusion

Blending and segmenting sounds in words

Open & closed syllables

Scopes and sequences

Parts of a lesson plan

Introducing new spelling patterns

Session THREE:

Review of Blending/Segmenting & Visual/Auditory drills

Wild Words (words that do not follow the rules)

Syllables and syllable division

Continuation of parts of a lesson plan

Simultaneous Oral Spelling (SOS) (printing words)

Printing Sentences

Reading words in sentences and text

Decodable text

Scooping for fluency


Session FOUR:

Review of syllable types and syllable division

Review of Scopes and Sequences and main patterns

3 Main Spelling Rules


Introduction to Morphology

Questions, individual planning, including classroom/home implementation

Online games & tools

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Click Here to view the Powerpoint for more information about the online Intro to OG/Structured Literacy course, Zoom, and what to bring/prepare.