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Science of Reading Games

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Crazy Shorts Card Games
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  • For both HOME and SCHOOL practice

  • Perfect for science of reading literacy center games!

  • Quality social interactions! Perfect for family bonding time - OFFLINE!

  • A teacher favourite since 1998! See Testimonials!
  • Children will even BEG to play these games!
  • REAL playing cards that feel just like a real game!

Science of Reading Games

“Ms. Wheeler, it’s those crazy games. I have learned more about reading from those card games than anything else.” 

Joan Wheeler, Resource Teacher​

Ormond Beach, Florida

Martha Kovack

"I have been using these cards forever! Kids enjoy the game and don't even realize they're getting phonics learning to stick.”         ​

Dr. Marnie Ginsberg

Reading Simplified

"...I am so delighted with how quickly they caught on. They are reading words and I think they are surprising themselves! ​Wow! What a ride! Thanks!"                 ​

Mary Cullinan, Primary Teacher             ​

Toronto, Ontario

"We are working on a study at a University here in North Carolina, and Crazy Longs are just the only game out there that we have found that works to help children learn their long vowels."

Iris Padgett,

Carrboro, North Carolina

Science of Reading Games

Science of Reading Games

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